Once again, I recommend thisisyourwakeup

I recommend www.youtube.com/user/thisisyourwakeup again despite me being on the opposite side of the debate to him on a couple issues (e.g. his pro-choice view). I recommend him because I believe he is honest, sincere and committed to rational and sensible discussion as to many of the sticky situations we find ourselves in.

Plus the fact his “holocaust.wmv” video has 90 views, 13 dislikes, no likes, suggests he’s on the right track.


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  1. 1 felix August 16, 2012 at 8:21 pm

    yes, I have come across him and he says some good things. one isn’t going to find someone’s views entirely correspond with one’s own. Sometimes, I think the “liberals” who sign up to the whole “left” package in its entirety are very liberal at all, and not terribly tolerant.
    I read John Friend from San Diego – though he comes from a position which finds religion puzzling. But he also questions the unquestionable, especially recently.
    (interesting that he uses co.uk, not com!)
    I also like CANAUK from London
    simple points well made, from a Christian angle. Sometimes people come from different directions to the same conclusion. There is only version of events which is true, but our MSM keep feeding us others.
    I always check in at Aangirfan.

  2. 3 lwtc247 August 16, 2012 at 10:10 pm

    Thanks Felix.
    Perhaps those new sources will postpone my strong despair.
    It’s been a while now since I’ve abandoned the notion that only people with opinions that match my own are the only ones worth listening to. When young I devised a ‘one liner’ concluding: Variety is the spice of life [a catchphrase lik all catchphrases in danger of being taken too far!].

    Although I do believe the monotheist framework gives the best roadmap for life and perspectives in general, I fully accept it is by no means the only point of reference and occasionally one finds some real gems of knowledge and wisdom outside the obvious territory of religion – most likly because the distortions in religion have caused a retreat from those grounds.

    To be honest, I don’t know what to make of Aangirfan. He seems to make connections from the flimsiest of associations – perhaps like Tom Secker practically accuses me of doing with Israel and 7/7. Certainly Aangirfan’s output means he cannot – surely – research and analyse in sufficient detail to avoid some massive howlers. Way too often I feel he black and whites things when such simplicity is not appropriate or accurate. I have not found myself compelled to visit his site with any regularity nor with hope of gaining some useful knowledge / insight. What’s your take on him?

  3. 4 me August 17, 2012 at 6:06 am

    thanks for the heads up. I am not in fact pro abortion. We live in a world where millions of kids already die because of lack of access to clean water and simple health care. Too many children already suffer from a lack of love and individual care. In theory we need a regulated population that is self sustaining not an algae bloom followed by a mass die off. Look at countries that proscribe birth control such as the Philippines. Millions living in shacks and rooting through garbage despite good English and a well educated population. that is not the way. My channel is subjected to Vote botting since November 2011. I am not sure if they are vote botting in house or if they are simply paying for the votes ( US election style)

    so as for abortion I regard it as a bad thing but sometimes in life there are NO GOOD CHOICES. Do we bring an unwanted child into this world without loving parents, education and health care into a crowded slum? what sort of prospects does that child have?

    Now I will ask for your help. I have been subjected to 8 months of death threats and slurs from Zionists. They keep posting comments on YouTube accusing me of being a ‘Proven pedo’ who ‘likes to rape young boys in China’and ‘likes sucking little boys cocks” etc etc

    These are the methods that the Zionists use with their political enemies . I hope you wont find it hard to believe when I assure you that these accusations are completely false. I resent this deeply. Why must I have to deal with these dirty off topic smears

    I attempted to ask the British embassy for help. Nothing of value. I have asked YouTube to close down the sock accounts that these Zionists use to attack me ( and others) Incidentally Zionists also create fake AntiZionist accounts


    another issue is that YouTube claim that being called a pedo and threatened with death are NOT A VIOLATION of the community guidelines

    However many times I complain about these outrages I always get the same standard response. i also asked some subscribers to complain and they also received an identical auto response. I guess they use Israelites at Yahoo complaints HQ

    Action Taken

    We’re unable to identify a violation of our Community Guidelines within your recent report to our Safety and Abuse Tool.

    If you go to my channel you will see some uploads I have done on this issue. Sadly YouTube is very firmly in the Zionist camp. It may as well be run from Netanyahus private office

    as for my politics I am anti globalization, anti multiculturalism, anti immigration ( in these numbers at any rate) anti American, anti Zionist, pro Individual, pro

    i think my politics are very much ‘a la carte’ I dont find any exisiting party that meets my requirements. UKIP is sincere but I am pro Europe , BNP is Too nationalistic. maybe a Labour party led by the late John Smith would have been ok. I always suspected foul play in his death. I know that robin Cook and Dr Kelly were both murdered

    I did an upload set to Crosby Stills nash and Young on that

    how you can help

    open an account at YouTube , be anonymous ( for your own safety)
    mark all my videos up in solidarity ( i need between 20 and 30 votes just to break even)
    report any abuse you see as a terms of service violation, see following threads as an example of the type of threats and abuse I have been getting for 8 months

    promote me ( as a voice of reason, its a given that you do not agree with me on everything) I need more hits and more subscribers

    if you think any of my videos are interesting , upload them to your own channel ( its easy) my channel may be taken down and my 20 months of effort destroyed
    you can use youtube downloader or fastest tube ( that’s embedded)

    I hope somebody can help out and be pro active. we are not evil people like our opponents , if we are to make any headway we need to use our brains, be pro active, network and help out

    see if you can do some or all of the things I ask

    Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno

    • 5 lwtc247 August 17, 2012 at 4:10 pm

      On your ‘My Philosophy” video at 4:40 you say you’re pro-choice. That term is normally applied to pro-abortion, perhaps you meant it in a different context.

      I strongly suspect the principle of equilibrium will apply to population growth. Managed population is tyranny. You should be familiar with the problems of this w.r.t. China’s one child policy. It’s not the number of people that’s the principle problem but greed and capitalism.

      I think it’s a false dichotomy: the unloved child into the world or do an abortion. Many children live good lives without parents (due to many causes). If parents don’t love their kids, then there’s something wrong with the parents and it’s THEM that need ‘fixing’. An equitable society would help.

      Don’t worry, with any accusation a Zionist makes, I usually automatically invert it if I want to maximise the chance of getting the truth. If they are giving you so much attention, despite it obviously being a horrible thing to be subjected to, then it means you are doing something right. I’m sure most thinking people will reject these accusations (bar those that self-censor their thoughts when Israyhell or the ‘J’ word pops up).

      Sorry but I don’t think there’s anything I can do to stop these slime balls attacking you, but I think you have a badge of honour due to the fact they do attack you.

      As the authorities won’t help, and you say you have edicnce, perhaps recruiting one of the famed ‘Chinese hackers’ you can fight back??

      “YouTube is very firmly in the Zionist camp” – doesn’t surprise me,

      “I dont find any exisiting party that meets my requirements” – me too and a number of others. e.g the excellent Kev Boyle.
      “maybe a Labour party led by the late John Smith” – I dabbled with that prospect quite some time ago. Sadly it would have been another illusion. That a PM of Britain could really cut out the Ziolobby isn’t living with reality. He would have been just as bad – esp in the foreign policy dept.

      Have you tried a different(/better?) video provider like Vimeo etc? I’m sure China has some well priced hosting service that will give you a bit more security and control. Just ask some youngsters… they know far more tech stuff than we do.

  4. 6 me August 17, 2012 at 6:19 am

    if anybody follows UK politics you may know about the case of Louise Mensch the ambitious Zionist politician chosen for being good looking and thick as a plank

    Her husband is a Rock band manager and she is off to NY to be closer to her family ( pass the sick bag)

    now the reason i mention that is because she was stalked by an elderly Jew called Frank Zimmerman and Inspector knacker was very fast on the scene

    Now I submit that I was threatened and slurred MUCH MORE than Mrs Mensch but I am getting no support at all, not from the British embassy in China or from YouTube

    I have evidence that the vote botting, stalking and harassment I am getting originates from the following company


    they have targeted me via bots, harassment stalking, threats, libels, impersonation, computer viruses, email spam

    it is part owned by an Israeli businessman implicated in the Icelandic bank fraud ( Vincent Tschenquiz) he removed his money from the bank shortly before it went bust ( lucky lucky)

    if anybody UK based can do some research on this company I would appreciate it. It is Zionist, Orwellian, masonic, Psy-Op, COINTELPRO and committing crimes against UK citizens

    I find it odious that this
    Vincent Tchenguiz
    Born Tehran, Iran

    Vincent Tchenguiz, a British entrepreneur born in October 1956, is a native of Tehran. He hails from an Iraqi-Jewish background. His family left Iraq in 1948 and settled in Iran.

    so an Iranian born jew can use London my place of birth to attack me and call me a pedo etc

    what the fuck is going on

    my skype is thisisyourwakeup and I welcome anybody to talk to me about this. I have no local friends interested in these matters. there are just a few of us scattered around the world

  5. 7 felix August 18, 2012 at 4:25 am

    I think Aangirfan lets you draw your own conclusions or sow your own seeds of doubt a kind of antidote to the MSM anaesthetic even though many links are from the MSM. The range of subject matter is bafflingly wide. Aang predicted the fake Arab spring. And he/she/them always check in at others’ blogs.

    Tschenguiz Bros are under the microscope frequenly in Private Eye. Seems like the Govt are a bit easy on them.

    I don’t think the world’s population is a problem, it’s the per capita consumption or income (usually equated with fossil fuel consumption per head) which is the problem.

    • 8 lwtc247 August 18, 2012 at 7:24 pm

      I still feel Aangirfan lets his imagination slightly run away with himself. I’ve seen a couple of things what were just daft, but I guess many of us fall foul of that once in a while.

      “I don’t think the world’s population is a problem, it’s the per capita consumption or income (usually equated with fossil fuel consumption per head) which is the problem.” – Certainly a very significant part.

  6. 9 me August 20, 2012 at 3:13 pm

    ok so it seems that apart from a pat on the back thats the limit of the help. I made a few requests for a bit of action that I identified specifically as being potentially useful

    however apparently the way forward is doing nothing

    here is something from my inbox. a person who I have been in contact with for a year has told me that his/her son was kiiled by Zionists. I do not know who this person is or any other background . I am not authorized anyway to go into details even if i had any

    this same person goes on to say that I should not get paranoid as thats what they want. in other words after 8 solid months of dirty smears and threats I should not worry despite hearing stories about Zionists hits

    since most of you are anonymous I really dislike being told not to worry

    i asked for specified help ( that is in fact quite easy to give)

    the silence is deafening

    one more point. I am anti abortion. China expects adults to regulate their own procreation. when you see the number pf people in China ( or other overcrowded countries)

    therefore if people use family planning then there is NO NEED for abortion. It is a lie to suggest that people who support abortion as an absolute last resor are pro abortion. I am not. I am simply pro a womans right to choose. humans need to be ready to welcome a child into this crazy world. i am not convinced that it makes sense to bring children born of rape. with severe genetic abnormalities or to teenage unmarried mothers

    a child needs a loving home with 2 committed parents, a modicum of financial stability. and peace

    please do not misrepresent my position. As I said this issue has NO GOOD alternatives.

    I also feel that men should not get involved in this matter, a woman must carry a baby for 9 months and then look after it for at least another 16. that is a massive commitment. As we men cannot get pregnant I think its a nerve to suggest we have a say in this intensely private issue,

    I also feel that this issue is NOT SUITABLE for a vote. Why should the 75% of people who cannot have kids either because they are male or too old have a say on the 25% of people who can

    and let us not forget that pregnancy is avoidable in 99% of cases if precautions are taken

    anyway thats a digression

    I thank you for your support of my channel.

    we can agree on most issues but disagree on this and on religion

    • 10 lwtc247 August 20, 2012 at 6:22 pm

      “ok so it seems that apart from a pat on the back thats the limit of the help. I made a few requests for a bit of action that I identified specifically as being potentially useful

      however apparently the way forward is doing nothing”

      Don’t be so hasty! I (for one) saw our request for help but gave a suggestion that I thought would be better at resolving the issues you mentioned. What you ask for will take me some time. I know very very little about video channels (I think I uploaded less than 5 video across the webbiverse over the years) cut me some slack, and remember, my last post said I am close to packing the whole thing in. So what you asked for may be easy for you, but not for all. People cant necessarily do things according to others time frames.

      Re: abortion. Pro-choice is pro-abortion when a woman decided to about. Many USans suffer a similar affliction. They are OK when their government kill civilians but anyone else who does it is evil. Men of course should be involved in the matter as the developing baby is his child too. That the woman must carry the baby is unavoidable but doesn’t give her exclusive power of life and death (in fact, I would argue she shouldn’t have this power, not just ‘exclusively). Well, you’ve made your position clear on this as have I. A major problem with conspiracy researchers is that they simply cannot accept that their fellow researchers can hold different views on things. So as you refreshingly suggest, lets unite [assuming I don’t pack all this in) in terms of denouncing the evil that is Zionism.

  7. 11 me August 20, 2012 at 3:26 pm

    yes, I have come across him and he says some good things. one isn’t going to find someone’s views entirely correspond with one’s own. Sometimes, I think the “liberals” who sign up to the whole “left” package in its entirety are very liberal at all, and not terribly tolerant.

    Felix, assuming that is directed at me . i make the following points. I am not tolerant about evil ( nor should I be) I am not tolerant about complacency or apathy either

    further I have not signed up for the ‘left’ package

    I am anti immigration and anti multicultarlism

    I support a MIXED economy with state control of public transport and minerals. plenty of scope for private enterprise and initiative

    I can make a 2000 kilometre journey by train in reasonable comfort and high safety with a bed for about 40 pounds, no need saver tickets or any other bullshit confusion marketing a la laissez faire Britain. one price for all travellers

    thats FAIR

    anyway I am not saying you are accusing me of being signed up for any packages but your paragraph was ambiguous

    PS ai m backing Putin V Pussy Riot. fuck those COINTELPRO Zionist whores

  8. 12 me August 20, 2012 at 3:53 pm

    i would like to share with you some excellent YouTube channels that are in my not humble opinon outstanding

    Zionget Anti Zionist Russian Orthodox monk ( born into a talmudic Jewish family)

    Ry2sense japan based US expat with excellent analytical skills

    alawson911 acerbic and accurate commentator on Zionism ( badly wrong on no planes issue ) he blocked me from commenting on his channel

    CNN911fakes , excellent analysis on digital fakery

    Collin Alexander ( aka Ace Baker) his uploads The key to 911, 911 Psy-Op and No planes are a MUST watch


    his recent gun upload was bloody brilliant

    CTagenda , an australian who tries to analyse the psychology behind terrorism and Zionism in a scientific rational way. Hoping to educate people

    eyeswideshutuk Keelan Balderson channel. expert on false flag terrorism and especially 77 London bombings

    you need also beware gatekeepers such as

    J7 ( government front , lots of information to lead you nowhere) , Charlie Vietch. Tom Secker etc

    I am fond of David icke, mixed feelings about Alex Jones,

    for those who wish to take another look at the holocaust issue ( if you dare) the David Cole stuff is amazing

    please learn about the following people

    john O’neil
    John Anthony Hill
    Debra palfrey
    Dr David Graham
    Barry jennings
    danny Jowenko
    Beverly Eckhart
    rachel Corrie
    Vittorio Arrigoni
    Jorge haider
    anna lindt
    Robin cook
    Dr david kelly
    William cooper
    Ahmed Sha massoud
    Kurt Johannerman

    learn and weep

    and to use a phrase i saw on the paper wrapped cars at the masonic Olympic closing ceremony

    Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive


    the truth is seldom pure and never simple

    open a YouTube account, get stuck in, be anonymous, post, vote up

    attack and ridicule the Zionists

    Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more;
    Or close the wall up with our English dead.
    In peace there’s nothing so becomes a man
    As modest stillness and humility:
    But when the blast of war blows in our ears,
    Then imitate the action of the tiger;
    Stiffen the sinews, summon up the blood,
    Disguise fair nature with hard-favour’d rage;
    Then lend the eye a terrible aspect;

    this is your wake u call

  9. 13 me August 21, 2012 at 12:46 am

    well how about opening an account and doing a little pro active voting, leaving helpful comments and subbing channels that you find of value

    uploading can wait

    in my case my channel has been singled out for double vote botting by Zionists. they use anonymous subscriptions to stay informed of my every upload and can then immediately organise a strike on my channel

    this means that my videos will always stay off any generic search as they are deemed unpopular

    Zionism is a creed of deception and they use all kinds of perception management to rig results

    they also have trained organisations of cyber terrorists such as Hasbara, GIYUS and JIDF to attack any users who dare point out the core evil of the arrogant Zionist statelet

    as you have seen on this blog I have already been targeted by Zionists ( SCL) who use my real name to impersonate me. they have also impersonated my actual channel, send me computer viruses via email etc etc

    identity theft and frame ups are real problems, not something I can avoid because ‘thats what they want’

    when you have real problems you need find real solutions

    as for YouTube its shit, they even use Israelis to write the codes and set the policies ( not kidding)

  10. 14 felix August 21, 2012 at 5:11 pm

    to me
    No, i wasn’t referring to you at all! It was aimed at all those soi-disant left liberals who fill our odious MSM (well, some of it) with their one size fits all left-liberal package. Sorry about the confusion.
    Thanks for your list – I don’t know a lot of them, but you finger the right people (as supporters and enemies) from those I have come across. Thanks. BTW what do you think of John Friend? And indeed James Corbett?? The latter came up to speed on Dr David Kelly very quickly, and digested and reported on the matter very well. The Kelly death was a defining moment for me, once I had cleansed the MSM reports out of my system. Notice two of the key Kelly gatekeepers: Nick Cohen and David Aaronovitch. Says it all really. In fact Cohen even has a love-in with Aaro in this ridiculous 2010 article:

  11. 15 me August 22, 2012 at 1:55 am

    Thanks Felix, unfortunately the Guardian is total shit. it is absolutely a Zionist gatekeeper. It has a very large coterie of Jewish Zionists who limit any discussion on Israel. Years ago I used to write on the so called ‘ Comment is Free’ under the moniker Anticensorship.( i chose that as an ironic title) almost all my work, hundreds of pages was DELETED by Zionist censors. This from the same newspaper that condemns China’s censorship
    fact is Zionist are able to remove and block almost any comments they like

    I had the same experience on the DT, my well received comments got blocked ( antifalseflag) again Zionists flagged me and Disgus blocked me

    There is NO GENUINE freedom in the West. it is an illusion Our so called democracy is a pathetic sham

    now I come to some examples of what i have been enduring for 8 solid months from the SCL psy-op team

    Israel is right on him already.
    RIP *thisisyourwakeup* 2012
    His name was Paul Taylor.
    Berry Stevenson in reply to HuiWang100 (Show the comment) 5 hours ago
    Israel is informed and will take rigorous actions.
    2012 R.I.P. *thisisyourwakeup”
    His name was Paul Taylor. His name was Paul Taylor. His name was Paul Taylor. His name was Paul Taylor. His name was Paul Taylor. His name was Paul Taylor. His name was Paul Taylor. His name was Paul Taylor. His name was Paul Taylor. His name was Paul Taylor. His name was Paul Taylor. His name was Paul Taylor. His name was Paul Taylor. His name was Paul Taylor. His name was Paul Taylor. His name was Paul Taylor.
    Berry Stevenson in reply to thisisyourwakeup (Show the comment) 5 hours ago
    Hello Paul.
    I would like to meet up with you again.
    Call me.
    You said I was a mossad spy, but Im just a regular girl.
    MsHongchang in reply to thisisyourwakeup (Show the comment) 3 hours ago

    identity theft, impersonation, making my private details available online, death threats,

    all layered with that special brand of sneering arrogant Zionist humor

    note the fact that these Zionist Jews use fake names. berry Stevenson and Hui Wang ( with a picture stolen from Google images)

    this is why I need some help, sometimes moral support and a tut tut is not enough

    in conclusion I will finish with a terrific song by a great band XTC

    Dear God

  12. 16 me August 22, 2012 at 1:59 am

    please be aware that as i am stalked by anonymous Zionists my identity is subject to impersonation. If you receive any peculiar messages from any Paul Taylor’s you can be sure its not me. Luckily these Zionists are only able to be sarcastic, they cannot impersonate honesty or decency because they themselves are indecent Satanists . anyway always be on guard

  13. 17 me August 22, 2012 at 2:35 am

    Felix Corbett is pretty good but a bit too mild mannered for my taste. a certain amount of pulled punches. i like Russia today. especially max Keiser and Stacey Herbert thats an AMAZING show. I support Putin and back the Orthodox churches. fact is that the Orthodox church is almost the only religion that is showing any resistance to Zionist supremacy

    I also condemn Pussy riots latest stunts that include using a chainsaw on a cross and invading a cathedral in masks. If thats ok then presumably we can attack other places of worship and have an anarchist free for all

  14. 18 felix August 22, 2012 at 5:58 am

    Yep, the Pussy riot supporters are the usual fake liberal left suspects. Glad you can see through it. Dreadful people – sacriligious “rioters” and their supporters.
    John Friend is being threatened by Zionists just now. Check out his blog.
    It might be a bit mild mannered for you, but I dig this guy, William Spring;
    He’s on the right track.I think he is/was a Conservative. At least that means he wouldn’t be reading that shit in the M16 controlled Guardian.
    Democracy – yes, total sham. A con. I just vote for nutty candidates or spoil my paper.

  15. 19 me August 22, 2012 at 11:17 am

    Have you tried a different(/better?) video provider like Vimeo etc? I’m sure China has some well priced hosting service that will give you a bit more security and control. Just ask some youngsters… they know far more tech stuff than we do

    China would have a great chance to stick it to the West by promoting an English language version of its popular YouKu knockoff

    I really want to graduate away from YouTube but it would mean abandoning 20 months of effort. If I could migrate my content and subscribers I would

    the main problem with other hosts is that they dont get enough traffic, I could host myself but like everybody else who puts content online I need an audience

    take this blog, there are maybe ten to twenty contributors. thats just not enough

    we all know it

  16. 20 lwtc247 August 28, 2012 at 3:09 pm

    ‘me’ I’ll try and help, in som of the manner you suggest, but I’m going to need time.
    Re: traffic. Is it really video provider/host that generates traffic? I don’t think so, but If I’m wrong then you could simply link all your YouTube stuff to the different provider, hence tapping into YouTube traffic but also the othr provider. I’m sure China will branch out into lucrative English language based web services soon enough. There are already lots of SME’s selling tangible goods online. If they can do that then online stuff is a mere formality. Seriously, try and get some wiz-kid to do this stuff for you.
    Agreed this blog is too ‘still’ to generate traffic. I’ve opened an account to help you in the long term. but be patient.
    Have you thought of Facebook or Twitter? – potentially better for traffic??

    • 21 me August 28, 2012 at 11:49 pm

      thanks a lot for feedback, it would be nice if you opened a free skype account , would like to hear your voice. I think the fact skype screwed you is somewhat irrelevant as the computer to computer stuff is free. i can also send you videos, links and pdfs. its a great resource

      my video holocaust that you liked has been described by YouTube as a hate upload. despite only getting 97 hits in 18 months???? well those are youtube figures

      i wonder if there is a connection between them removing / trying to remove that video and you recommending it

      they do monitor this channel

      remember the Paul Taylor? bs that you had to remove

      i am in big trouble as now they create a youtube account using my own name and start spamming all my conntacts telling people I have come out as a gay etc

      its hard to describe just how vile the Zionist mind is. disgusting people, the absolute worst

  17. 22 me August 30, 2012 at 6:41 am

    i want to take legal action against YouTube and get them to reveal the information as to who is attacking me. This is not banter or political rough and tumble

    This is straightforward libel and identity theft

    the latest bullshit is to use a fake channel with my own name to claim that as a teenage boy i had sex with my teacher and even named the school

    apart from being a disgusting libel and indicative of their sewer minds it also brings my ex school into disrepute ( David Milliband went there if that’s a recommendation)

    is there anybody in UK who can help me take legal action against Youtube for allowing this. I need to get a legal identification of the Zionist excrement who are organising this

  18. 23 lwtc247 September 3, 2012 at 9:04 pm

    I admire your fighting spirit.
    Please if any reader can help, or know of someone who can, please do so.

  19. 24 me September 4, 2012 at 6:22 am

    thank you, in the meantime could any sincere people please take a look at my channel and see the full spectrum attacks I am forced to endure. I do believe that if people of good will can watch, read and lurk that can also be of assistance

    positive comments, attacks on shills, flagging libels etc can also be beneficial.

    many thanks

  20. 25 me September 5, 2012 at 4:42 am

    banned in Germany , seems our German brothers and sisters are not allowed to view this ‘hate speech’ video

  21. 26 me September 21, 2012 at 5:09 pm

    you seem to have given up

  22. 28 me September 28, 2012 at 9:38 am

    can anybody inform UK police and OFTSTED of these serious allegations

    I am in China but would happily assist in any Police investigation to discover who is making these criminal libels that traduce the Schools reputation and teachers

  23. 29 lwtc247 October 31, 2012 at 1:33 pm

    Google loses Australia ‘gangland’ defamation lawsuit
    Google logo The jury indicated that Google should have removed the content after it received Mr Trkulja’s complaint.

    A jury in Australia has found Google liable for damages after a complaint that its search results had linked a local man to gangland crime.

  24. 30 --- January 31, 2013 at 8:01 pm

    This smear was deleted
    IP =

  25. 31 Paul Taylor ( the real one) April 7, 2013 at 1:27 pm

    my channel thisisyourwakeup was terminated in March 2013 by Google . I never did receive any help from you despite you asking for patience. I also note the Israeli smear message above mine using its well known smear technique. Until people learn to stand up and be counted there is no hope

  26. 32 lwtc247 April 8, 2013 at 4:45 am

    Sorry Paul. I let you down.
    I did fully intend to help.I created an account for you to use (at the cost of having my other accounts which become screwed up as a result) but I had priorities of my own too. I’m afraid clicking like on your videos was in my estimation a poor use of my time,especially when there other better ways to do things. I would suggest you write to Rixon Stewart of The Truth Seeker ( http://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/ ) and arrange to have you’re own ‘slot’ advertised on his site or something similar. Syndicate yourself.

    As for the smear message. I’m generally not into censorship. If an accusation is made (and it’s false) it should be quite easy to counter it. In general, If I censor, how will I know that I’ve not censored something that is truthful? And no I’m not saying what was said of you is truthful. But do you mean “You conspiracy nuts are a bunch of fools.” to be the smear? I guess so. I’ve not been attending this blog with much time at all this year. I’ve had quite a lot of uncertainty in my own life and blogging has had little importance.

    • 33 Paul Taylor ( the real one) April 9, 2013 at 8:23 am

      there is no real reason winy opening a new account ‘for me’ would have had any effect on your existing accounts , further since you probably had no original uploads it would scarcely matter if you lost your account. I had on the other hand 1000 subs, 1000 mostly original uploads and was based in China ( having to circumvent the firewall) that’s why the loss of my account ( and gmail) was a very serious blow. further at no point did you ever contact me on my thisisyourwakeup channel to say that you had arrived.

      as for you conspiracy nuts are a bunch of fools, it was written by an Israeli stalker using ILLEGALLY my own name. in other words you are tolerating a criminal pretending to be me. thats the issue ,the only reason they comment here is that they use Google to search for any links to me and then spam and troll. This is NOT FREE SPEECH and you should know it

      although I suppose it was a compliment that you recommended my channel with caveats your subsequent behavior is very far from what I would consider solidarity

      Unlike you i am a named individual , trolled and abused in a targeted and highly criminal way. I lost 4000 hours of my time and have suffered numerous death threats endorsed by Google Inc an Israeli company whose head office is in the US.

      to be honest I am just having a moan, i never had the slightest idea that you would deliver anything meaningful

    • 34 Paul Taylor ( the real one) April 9, 2013 at 8:31 am

      its also impossible for me to prove I am not a ‘proven pedophile’ don’t you know that the sexual smear has always been the favorite tactic of Israel as they attempt to smear the reputation of those of us who go public with our knowledge that they did 911. you are more than welcome to call teh British police and ask them. As i just obtained a new passport one might have thought they would know about it

      I do not think its my job to prove my innocence from anonymous trolls. and further its actually rather impossible to deal with these matters contrary to your false logic. how exactly am I supposed to prove I am not a pedophile? do i need a certificate from each of the more than 80 countries I have visited?

      these tactics are criminal and should not be tolerated, equating an anonymous poster using illegally my name with FREE SPEECH is a NONSENSE and shows very woolly thinking on your part

      • 35 lwtc247 April 9, 2013 at 3:52 pm

        “there is no real reason why…” – yes there is. Just because you aren’t aware of it doesn’t mean there wasn’t a reason Paul, nor does it mean it didn’t happen. And I did have some original uploads, one in particular is attracting Zionist scum. I am unable to log in as the owner and cancel replies.

        “at no point did you ever contact me on my thisisyourwakeup channel to say that you had arrived. ” – That’s true, and I’m sorry I didn’t make it on time. but I’m not here to dance to your tune Paul. I have my own life with it’s twists, turns and distractions.

        I never noticed the smear comment until you pointed it out. I’ve not been using this blog much. I have had a lot of serious heavy things going on. I will try and cheer-lead you but it’s going to be by my agenda according to how I see fit. You are not my leader Paul. Excuse the frank language but you seem to suggest I sort of ‘betrayed’ you some how.

        I agree with you. The smear is not free speech. Hence I deleted it and posted the scuzbuckets IP (assuming it wasn’t cloaked).

        “i never had the slightest idea that you would deliver anything meaningful” – Well Paul if your going to employ a witches tit of a methodology and use pro-Zionist tools to have your say about Zionism and not do it a better way, then what did you expect? You took sensible precautions and had backups of your videos’ yes? So you can host them in China. Pay some wizzkid to set you up with some good site or publish jointly with other like minded people who also do video blogs.

        As for using your real name. Why make it easy for them?

        As for the pedo smear, I’d be shocked if anybody is actually taking that seriously. You don’t have to prove your NOT one, the accuser has to prove you are one,. One reason for my shock is, precisely as you mention, that the horrible game of sexual smears is well known.

        “shows very woolly thinking on your part” – fair enough if you think that but I’m not the least bit concerned about these pedo things because I cannot take them seriously at all. It’s a non issue. Don’t read that the wrong way as I’m pretty certain you will. It’s you making a big deal of it here from noting. I don’t think I’ve raised the issue once.

        Sorry, Paul but I’m not interested in getting into a synthetic argument with you when all I wanted to do is encourage people to listen to your views which in the main are very sensible and rational and many are views which I support.

        To be honest I feel like the person that buys a homeless person a meal and they fling it back in my face ‘cos it’s not a fiver. And no, I’m not calling you a homeless person.

      • 36 Paul Taylor ( the real one) April 10, 2013 at 12:32 pm

        My real name was being used initially by Israeli agents that obtained it through a long process of deception. Many of us are well aware of the devious and criminal methods employed by the Israeli state and its agents . Since fake accounts were being manufactured using the name Paul Taylor I decided to reclaim my own name . after all why cant i use my own name rather than the Israelis who just love impersonating others.

        your buy me a meal analogy is absolutely idiotic . cant even bother with it

        i initially used the name thisisyourwakeup here but after the Israeli criminals turned up I decided that there was no point in using my channel name. you make a false supposition by supposing I willingly made my name available.

        on the matter of ip address I would be interested if you could publish it as it must be stressed that the Israeli gang stalkers are in breach of multiple laws and it must be hoped that at some date these crime teams can be brought to justice

        sadly as things stand the Israelis are able to pull off terror attacks in London and New York not just with impunity but with the full support of the British and American government

  27. 37 Paul Taylor ( the real one) April 10, 2013 at 3:01 pm

    IP Address Strand: 92.16.187 ShareThis
    IP Address ISP Location / Domains Hosted IP Use Opal Telecommunications Internet Service Provider Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, United Kingdom

    ok many thanks , it seems that this attack originated in South Wales. i have long been aware that most of the trolling, smears , data mining and threats I receive are originating in the UK. The company directing these attacks is a Zionist entity called Strategic Communications Laboratories owned by a notorious Israeli fraudster called Vincent Tschenquiz. somehow this Iranian born Jew was allowed to obtain British nationality . That company has a contract to smear and defame online . Tschenquiz is a criminal with a long track record and was involved in the Icelandic banking disaster ( he removed his funds early) he is currently attempting to extort 200 million GBP from the British taxpayer.Despite this fact he is being given protection and assistance from the UK government

    i suspect that SCL subcontracts trolling work out to independent agents who can troll as part of a work at home package. One of my most active criminal Zionist trolls Koert Tijdens seems to be on such a package.

    i suspect that the ip address is also used by a channel called 1JDcoke an agent that was trained by the London based troll expert FEMADEATHCAMPCONTROL

    the main problem i face is that these people are acting with state protection. Law firms are not prepared to uphold the law when the counter party represents agents of the state of Israel

    I thank you for posting this information and once again I appeal for legal help in catching the criminal anonymous cyber bullies who use immoral and devious tactics to achieve their objectives of global full spectrum Zionist control

  28. 38 Paul Taylor ( the real one) April 10, 2013 at 3:05 pm

    could you also look up the previous ip addresses for the other troll postings. The more evidence I can collect against these evil creeps the better

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