He lie weasel

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May 20th 2009:

There is some guy who goes by the name Elie Wiesel. He displays a number of common Zionist traits.

The guy in the pics claims to be him. [huh? Claims? Read here]

He lie weasel

I read an abridged version of “Night” written by one Elie Wiesel. I wonder how Weasel would answer this question: “To what extent did Hollywood play in inspiring your book”. Am I being too cynical? Perhaps not. Or maybe there really was a clairvoyant woman on the train who did see “the fires” which Wiesel described later. Maybe James Bond 2-second-left-ticking-time-bombs really do happen like when Wiesel was in a que marching towards a fiery pit, and just before it was his turn to walk into it, for some reason the camp officials decided they’d had enough burning of people for that particular day. Lucky or what? Me? If I saw that I was being walked to my certain death I’d take my chances and run away or if my legs were chained, I’d lead-jellify my body to get a few more seconds of life while they had to drag me to the pit and hopefully take pity on me. But that is too ordinary – no Hollywood appeal there, nobody would be as bothered about that.

Wiesel’s own account makes little sense as he later describes a long period of slave labor in the camps to support the German war effort. But the fiery pit reveals an illogical event given that Wiesel reports no discrimination in its use to purge the weak and sick (i.e. unproductive slaves) from the strong and healthy (who would make the best manual-labour slaves). Wiesel’s account actually supports the notion the camps were not a ‘final solution’ but were primarily forced labour camps, which, if a despised Jew were to die there, it would not matter in the slightest to the horrendous people administering the place. But Wiesel, despite describing a labour camp where people perished in the atrocious conditions, avoids calling it so.

The camps are said to be the final solution – a plan that I’ve yet to see any evidence of whereby Hitler wanted to exterminate the Jews. But oops, what about Hitters Jewish Soldiers? Quote: “perhaps as many as 150000 men”[1] in his own forces, not forgetting Colonels and Generals? E.g. Colonel Walter H. Hollaender of the Wehrmacht, General Helmut Wilberg of the Luftwaffe. Hitler must have missed those ones and no body amongst the “Actung: Juden” hoardes told him. Anyway, were these Jewish soldiers expected to kill themselves after enslaving and persecuting many other Jews? – after all, there was a final solution to carry out! wasn’t there? And it’s hard to figure out just how Hitler thought he could kill all Jews when there were Jews in North and South America – a region of which he had no control over yet housed a number of Jews. That, like the absence of ‘final solution’ documents (which I suppose may be out there), has not been properly debated upon.

But who cares about logic and consistency?

Equally astounding was Wiesels reportage close to the end of the war, when they had to leave the camp. They were forced to run and run and run and run and run and run and run to another camp in the freezing cold. Quite how Wiesel and others managed this, something that would eclipse the finest of Olympians, given that in the camp there were fed rubbish to keep them going (hummm again not much of a final solution there) is a mystery of the modern world. I recall myself, a healthy athletic boy could hardly run 800m without needing to puke afterwards. Perhaps I should have ate that magic slop Wiesel ate. I can see the adverts now “New, isotonic slop – helps you run for miles”

The earlier yarn relating to a loner from his village, who for some reason went away, miraculously escaped a massacre in which he described little Jewish girls (loner dude asked them if they were Jewish you see, just before they were killed) being thrown into the air and machine gunned by Nazis. Mr loner somehow got out of it and recount his tale to the boy Wiesel.

Wiesel said he lost his faith, yet true to Zionist form calls upon elements of Hebrew faith when convenient to do so. Reciting prayers. Wiesel has accused God of looking on as Jews died. He has attacked indifference to peoples suffering, yet the little oink-oink supports the Shoah of the Palestinians, torture against them and the theft of their rightful land, property and resources. Yes Weasel is dirt-zero. He also was involved in the Maddof ponzi scheme.

Weisel said this:

“Auschwitz cannot be explained nor can it be visualized…. The Holocaust transcends history…. The dead are in possession of a secret that we, the living, are neither worthy of nor capable of recovering…. The Holocaust [is] the ultimate event, the ultimate mystery, never to be comprehended or transmitted.” [2]

Call me suspicious but isn’t incomprehension (and inconsistencies) come attached with lies?

But anger inducing all that is about Weasel, it’s not the reason why I decided to do this post. This comes close:

“In 1948 Wiesel worked as a journalist for the Irgun, a gang of Jewish terrorists who committed the massacre at Deir Yassin, arguably one of the most pivotal events in twentieth century Palestinian history. Yet this “world-renowned humanitarian” refuses to apologize or even acknowledge the murder, mayhem, and ethnic cleansing caused by his employer. He frequently goes to Yad Vashem, the most famous Holocaust memorial in Jerusalem and from the Children’s Museum he looks across the valley to Deir Yassin. But he never acknowledges what his employer did there…” [3]

It’s because of this:

“In the run-up to the invasion of Iraq, Wiesel, in his priestly capacity, made a lightning visit to the White House on February 27, 2003. The Holocaust Fundamentalists were pushing for a needless, immoral and illegal war.” [4]


[1] Hitlers Jewish Soldiers http://wejew.com/media/1749/Half_Jewish_Nazi_Soldiers/

Full video:

Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers, Part-1of6 8m05s
Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers, Part-2of6 9m49s
Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers, Part-3of6 10m20s
Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers, Part-4of6 10m12s
Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers, Part-5of6 8m57s
Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers, Part-6of6 10m05s

[2] http://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/article.asp?ID=5388
(Elie Wiesel, “Trivializing the Holocaust,” New York Times, 16 April 1978.)

[3] ibid.

[4] Holocaust High Priest has Blood on His Hands by Prof. David O’Connell
Hosted at: http://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/article.asp?ID=10752

Excerpt: “Despite the unpopularity of the Iraq War, the sixth anniversary of the unilateral initiation of that conflict by President Bush came and went without any reference in the Zionist media to the role played by Elie Wiesel, our Holocaust High Priest, in helping to launch that conflict.”

See also:

Iraq: A War For Israel   By Mark Weber – GOOD FACTUAL READING

“51 Documents: Zionist Collaboration with the Nazis” By Lenni Brenner.
http://www.inminds.co.uk/jews-against-zionism.html and here
Here on Amazon.co.uk ISBN(10) = 1569802351

Update: Just read this on CounterPunch:
Elie Wiesel’s Strange Parade
Madman or Commissar?
By MICKEY Z.  http://www.counterpunch.org/mickey07072004.html
MICKEY Z’s site: www.mickeyz.net/


Update: 25th Oct 2011. Brother Nathanal on Wiesel.

Elie Wiesel & the Holocaust Fraud Pt 1 of 2

Elie Wiesel & The Holocaust Fraud Pt 2


Update: 22 Nov 2011. Thanks to The Truthseeker. http://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/?p=38212

Grüner False Identity Lawsuit Against Elie Wiesel Set For January 24 in Budapest

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  1. 1 lwtc247 April 23, 2010 at 11:49 pm

    By: Khalid Amayreh

    April 18, 2010 at 08:10 (Associate Post, Hasbara, Israel, Palestine, zionism)

    Elie Wiesel: Another irredeemable Zionist liar

    by Khalid Amayreh

    Last week, I wrote about Ed Koch, the former New York Mayor, a notorious Zionist supremacist who thinks that Israel should be able to carry out genocide in Palestine without receiving criticism from the rest of humanity.

    Today, we are affronted with another Zionist supremacist who is no less repulsive. He is Eli Wiesl, who in many ways epitomizes the depravity and brutal ugliness of the Zionist mindset.

    For many Americans Wiesel is a great intellectual, a Nobel Laureate, a moralist and great fighter for justice and human decency. However, for millions of other human beings around the world, Wiesel is a fanatical racist figure and irredeemable liar who always places his tribal Jewish-Zionist loyalties above universal human values.

    This is the man who was quoted on numerous occasions as saying that he couldn’t bring himself to criticizing Israeli crimes against the Palestinians and other peoples of the Middle East . Well, if he couldn’t bring himself to criticizing Israeli crimes, then he by no means deserves the epithets of moralism, intellectualism and rectitude which the Zionist propaganda machine keeps bestowing on him.

    For years, Wiesel has been a willing slave of Israeli apartheid and criminality. In fact, not only did the author of “Night” look the other way when the Nazi-like Israeli army murdered and maimed thousands of Palestinian and Lebanese civilians, including numerous children, and destroyed civilian homes, occasionally right on top of dwellers, but he also sought rather doggedly to defend Israel’s pornographic crimes.

    He would invoke the sacrosanct holocaust mantra to defend Israel’s evil crimes as if the perpetration of one holocaust justified the perpetration of another against a people who had nothing to do with the events of the Second World War.

    But pornographic crimes, such as last year’s genocidal atrocities in the Gaza Strip, require at least equally pornographic lies to whitewash them or at least mitigate their brutal ugliness. Needless to say, this task was left for people like Wiesel to carry out which he has been trying to do.

    In a full-page add published in the Jewish-Zionist newspaper, the Washington Post, Wiesel regurgitated another dose of lies about Palestinian plight. He criticized what he called American “political pressure” on Israel , saying that such a pressure wouldn’t produce a solution to the issue of Jerusalem .

    Then what would produce a solution to the issue? Allowing the mad dogs of Zionism to expel the Arabs, the true natives of the city, to the Arabian desert ? Or perhaps accelerating and completing the process of ethnic cleansing now under way in Jerusalem ? Or, maybe, the destruction of Islamic and Christian holy places in the city to make it goy-free?

    “For me, the Jew that I am, Jerusalem is above politics. It is mentioned more than six hundred times in Scriptures and not a single time in the Koran.”

    Well, first of all, a liar has no right to even allude to the scriptures which teach “thou shall not lie.”

    Second, it is not true that Jerusalem is not mentioned in the Quran. In fact, there is an entire –and large- Quranic chapter called “Suratul Israa” which deals with the prophesized corruption by the Children of Israel.

    The following are the first few verses of the Sura or chapter:

    “1. Glory to Allah? Who did take His servant for a Journey by night from the Sacred Mosque to the Aqsa Mosque, whose precincts We did bless,- in order that We might show him some of Our Signs: for He is the One Who heareth and seeth (all things).
    2. We gave Moses the Book, and made it a Guide to the Children of Israel, (commanding): “Take not other than Me as Disposer of (your) affairs.”
    3. O ye that are sprung from those whom We carried (in the Ark ) with Noah! Verily he was a devotee most grateful.
    4. And We gave (Clear) Warning to the Children of Israel in the Book, that twice would they do mischief on the earth and be elated with mighty arrogance (and twice would they be punished)!
    5. When the first of the warnings came to pass, We sent against you Our servants given to terrible warfare: They entered the very inmost parts of your homes; and it was a warning (completely) fulfilled.
    6. Then did We grant you the Return as against them: We gave you increase in resources and sons, and made you the more numerous in man-power.
    7. If ye did well, ye did well for yourselves; if ye did evil, (ye did it) against yourselves. So when the second of the warnings came to pass, (We permitted your enemies) to disfigure your faces, and to enter your Temple as they had entered it before, and to visit with destruction all that fell into their power.
    8. It may be that your Lord may (yet) show Mercy unto you; but if ye revert (to your sins), We shall revert (to Our punishments): And we have made Hell a prison for those who reject (all Faith).
    9. Verily this Qur’an doth guide to that which is most right (or stable), and giveth the Glad Tidings to the Believers who work deeds of righteousness, that they shall have a magnificent reward; “

    Beside, the number of times a place is mentioned in any scripture, doesn’t necessarily mean much in real terms. For example, the City of Mecca is only mentioned a few times in the Quran, but this in no way diminishes its pivotal importance to the Islamic faith.

    In the ad, Wiesel the irredeemable liar claims that “ Jews, Christians, and Muslims are able to build their homes anywhere in Jerusalem and that only under Israeli sovereignty has freedom of worship for all religions been assured in the city.”

    Well, does Wiesel think he is addressing a totally ignorant people in America , people who have no idea what difference there is between truth and falsehood? Are Americans really a totally ignorant people when it comes to Israel? Are they willing consumers of Zionist lies and propaganda?

    I am asking these questions because the utter mendacity of Wiesel’s claim is crying out to the seventh heaven.

    Lying is the fornication of the tongue, of which Wiesel and other fanatical Zionist apologists excel especially when addressing a western audience. This is why, he seemingly feels no shame going to any extent in disregarding the most axiomatic facts about even the most fundamental aspects of the Palestinian plight.

    Asking “Is there a solution,” Wiesel answers rather smidely “There must be, there will be.”

    However, in explaining his deformed perception of that “solution,” which actually amounts to a total liquidation of Palestinian rights, the Nazi-minded Wiesel (Nazi minded because he pays no attention to the issue of justice when it comes to non-Jews), he demands rather deceptively that Israel be given sufficient time to complete and perfect the theft of Arab land and property.

    “Why tackle the most complex and sensitive problem prematurely? Why not first take steps which will allow the Israeli and Palestinian communities to find ways to live together in an atmosphere of security. Why not leave the most difficult, the most sensitive issue, for such a time.”

    You see the deceitful, morbid discourse of this man who calls himself a “moralist.”! He would like to see the international community, principally to give the Judeo-Nazi regime in Israel more time to effect more ethnic cleansing until the criminal entity reaches a stage at which there will be nothing left to talk about. That would signal the liquidation of the Palestinian cause.


  2. 2 Project Humanbeingsfirst.org October 28, 2011 at 6:00 pm


    My first introduction to Holocaust studies was as a student at MIT. I took several classes in behavior control in course 9, Cognitive Sciences. with Steve Chorover ( bcs.mit.edu/people/chorover.html ). And one of the readings was his own book “From Genesis to Genocide”. That’s also where I read Hannah Arendth’s “Eichmann in Jerusalem – A Report on the Banality of Evil” for the first time.

    Subsequently, over the years, I have read a few books by Elie Wiesel, in addition to NIght, such as All Rivers run to the sea ( prisonersofthecave.blogspot.com/2007/04/references.html ). I especially did that because when my children were in junior-high and high school, I made it a point to read most books which were part of their literarture and history curriculum. It gave me a pretty good idea, first hand, what my children were learning in elite private schools in the United States. In some cases, after reading a book, I went to the school to object to the literature very impressionable kids were being exposed to, especially those which made fun of religion in the guise of “high literature” (well understanding the agenda for introducing the religion of “secular humanism” to American children at a young age). Perceptively understanding all this, I have remained a rare actively involved parent in my kids’ schools.

    And I had no problem when Diary of Anne Frank was studied in 7th or 8th grade – there is one being written in blood and tears in every home just down the street from us right there in Palestine. I had no problem when Night was read in 8th or 9th grade – there is one descending daily from Iraq to Palestine to Pakistan. My children understood all that, coming from a politically aware activist home. Reading Night for instance, they could easily go to Palestine in the class-room to inquire how could those upon whom Night was purveyed, now be purveying it to another innocent peoples? That reading one in a book while another one which was happenning live and being ignored was somewhat Kafkaesque…

    The Holocaust literarture in rational and moral hands is great regardless of myth of reality because it leads to universal principles for any moral reader – except if one is a Jew because for them, the HolocaustTM is singularly epic “mystery whose parallel may only be the one of Sinai when something was revealed” (Elie Wiesel).

    Therefore what I am going to say below is from my own first hand study, reading, and long years of interaction with the Holocaust narrative. Unlike the opening sentence of the article you have quoted: ‘I read an abridged version of “Night” written by one Elie Wiesel.’, I have actually read Night from cover to cover and many times over. An early title of my 2003 book Prisoners of the Cave was in fact a derivative of it – The New Night! I settled on Plato’s Prisoners of the Cave as the core theme which I wanted to develop became more focussed for me as I moved from the morbid, the “shock and awe” over Baghdad which was creating daily Nights, to the enlightened attempts at preventing more new Nights by teaching why and how the Nights are created in first place.

    Anyway, to cut a long story short, I do not think of Elie Wiesel as a liar. To dismiss Elie Wiesel as “ANOTHER IRREDEEMABLE ZIONIST LIAR” is at best short sighted. At worst, one is intellectually once again out-classed by a more resourceful and devious foe which encourages that very characterization because then, their enemies focus on the visible and are no where anywhere near accurately diagnosing the invisible forces which drive it. See chapter 3 of the 2003 book which addresses Elie Wiesel. Below is the pertinent excerpt. The real forces which lie behind Elie Wiesel and other magnets of gentile wrath like him can be gleaned here ( bloghumanbeingsfirst.wordpress.com/2011/07/08/response-to-alan-hart-by-zahir-ebrahim/ ). A focus on Elie Wiesel automatically removes focus from the real forces which drive the narratives through the mouths of people like Elie Wiesel and that’s the entire point of it all! A point on which even such luminaries as the author of the “Holocaust Industry”, Norm Finkelstein, a darling of gentiles, are just as complicit. The tragedy is that the Palestinian intellectuals suffering the new Nights have become so attuned to the dominant narratives, both consent and dissent, a narrative which is also carved out by the Jews, that like Khalid Amayreh demonstrates in the article above, find themselves inextricably caught in that matrix.

    Here is the excerpt on Elie Wiesel from Prisoners of the Cave, chapter 3 – just my 0.002 cents.

    Begin Excerpt

    Moral ambiguities of Elie Wiesel – a HolocaustTM survivor!

    These however do not include the small percentage of pathological cases so traumatized by their holocaust memories and sufferings that they are psychologically unable to see Israel do any wrong. Some of these survivors have become very high profile writers, and exercise a great deal of influence in policy making related to Holocaust remembrance that helps sustain support for Israel. They argue that their suffering is so unparalleled that

    “It is a mystery whose parallel may only be the one of Sinai when something was revealed”,

    and therefore they deserve special moral privilege as victims of the Holocaust. They generate a lot of controversy among Jewish moralists themselves who point out that:

    “Although the Holocaust inflicted horrible injustice upon us, it did not grant us certificate of everlasting righteousness. The murderers where amoral; the victims were not made moral. To be moral you must behave ethically. The test of that is daily and constant.”

    Their consequent and sustained subjecting of the Palestinians to immoral and illegal occupation and daily persecution is debated heatedly among the moralist and academics. But it’s mainly that, a source of intellectual debate and polemics, because the reality on the ground has been there for more than half a century, if their debate had any value, they would have surely figured it out by now and rectified their injustices.

    Those unable to see ‘Israel do any wrong’ due to their own Holocaust experience are clearly psychologically unable to deal with it and unable to reason or tell the difference between right and wrong any more. For them, perhaps it was the cataclysmic and apocalyptic event they feel it to be. Albeit not all Holocaust survivors have lost their ability to reason as traumatized they might be, this is the case with the author of “Night” as stated in his own defense for his censurable silence on Israel:

    “Do not ask me, a traumatized Jew, to be pro-Palestinian. I totally identify with Israel and cannot go along with the leftist intellectuals who reject it. Perhaps another generation will be free enough to criticize Israel; I cannot.”;

    “My loyalty to my people, to our people, and to Israel comes first and prevents me from saying anything critical of Israel outside Israel. That is the price I pay for living in the Diaspora. As a Jew I see my role as a melitz yosher, a defender of Israel: I defend even her mistakes. Yes I feel that as a Jew who resides outside Israel I must identify with whatever Israel does – even her errors. That is the least Jews in the Diaspora can do for Israel: either speak up in praise, or keep silent. Therefore, I believe if I have something to say about certain things I do not like about Israel – and there are some – I must go there”.

    These words are not from a rational mind, rather a severely scarred for life person by his own admissions. Hence when he says the following about the Palestinian occupied territories:

    “Israel did not want those territories; they were imposed on Israel in war.”,*5

    it is unfair to label that as hypocrisy, but rather someone who cannot see reality because he is so wrapped up in his own trauma. Hence those who criticize this prolific author and Holocaust survivor for his hypocrisy, must realize that he is not a rational person. For a rational mind, it would indeed be hypocrisy. Those psychologically ill may perhaps be forgiven for what appears to be their moral ambiguities, just as those not able to reason are not held to account in any judicial system. By the same token, they are also unfit to hold important positions of influence where their inability to tell right from wrong due to their own loss of objectivity and rational thinking, can lead to another’s suffering.

    If they do hold such positions, as the author of “Night” does, then they must be removed from those positions. The fact that they are not removed, and continue to be given prominence and influence that helps perpetuate the occupation of another people, is not an indictment against them. But against those who keep them there, in order to exploit the personal and collective sufferings of the Jews in the Holocaust, in the service of their own nefarious Zionist agenda that was planned in the centuries past to occupy Palestine, before the Holocaust even transpired. Those who are so indicted, and justify the stealing of the land and the lives of another innocent people, shattering their tabula rasa, are hypocrites and plain old thugs, and will not be forgiven. The Zionists have hijacked the holocaust memories and Judaism itself, one of the great religions of the world, and the rational and moral Jews themselves will not forgive them. They are orchestrating and perpetuating such crimes against humanity, their complicity and contrivance in this fictitious “war on terrorism” bringing such worldwide destruction and economic exploitation, that humanity itself will not forgive them.

    The motivations and achievements of bringing the plight of the European Jewry who were hitherto oppressed themselves in many Christian European countries of the world, into the limelight of the world, and freeing them of their social bondage, and honoring and remembering the plight of its victims of horrors of WWII concentration camps, is indeed a prerogative and a right dutifully exercised by its people, in fact by all people as such atrocities are a calamity for all mankind. But not at the expense of victimizing another innocent people and subjecting them to such sustained sufferings, that their plight now begins to rival those of their oppressors.

    While the Holocaust suffering of the Jews lasted for six long apocalyptic years, the suffering and persecution of many Palestinians has gone on for more than three decades and is no less cataclysmic for the victims, some displaced in 1948 are still living in refugee camps with generations growing up and dying in these camps. With children being born in refugee camps in appalling conditions in the sniper gun-sights of the Israeli soldiers, and dying in the same camps under a hail of Israeli tank shells, never having seen the outside world, and never having entertained any hope of escape from their predicament, in their innocence they ask what makes the Jews suffering an holocaust and theirs merely murder that the world can tolerate as if it was an ordinary street crime? Millions are being held captives in their own homeland with daily humiliations and torture, treatment that one would not met out to a dog.

    Those who advocate support of Israel at the expense of enslaving Palestinians and killing them in small numbers at a time on a daily basis and wounding many more so that they would eventually die off as cripples but not raise the alarm in the rest of the world because numbers seem to define when mass killing is called a genocide and when it isn’t, or removing them forcibly from their homeland euphemistically calling it a “population transfer”, are guilty of the same crimes of genocide they accuse their own oppressors of. Their claims to ancestral lands as justification for their destruction of the indigenous population that has existed for 10,000 years, far older than their own claim of 2500 years, and in justification of their own sufferings at the hands of quite another people, ring hollower than an empty drum, and not able to withstand the scrutiny of any court of law, penal or moral, not just on Earth, but also here on Mars. And indeed, any such claims if entertained, need to be argued in a court of law, not at the barrel of a gun, and certainly not against a defenseless civil population using the animalistic “might makes right” morality long outlawed in the developed Universe, but somehow still being practiced ubiquitously on earth.

    Were it not for the Zionists and their machinations to forcibly create “Der Judenstaat” – the Jewish State – as envisioned by their founding father Theodor Herzl in 1896 in modern day Arab Palestine, the Jews and Muslims would be living in peace, cousins that they are, sharing many of the same ancestral Prophets and traditions, all being children of Prophet Ebrahim (Abraham), and there perhaps would also not be this fictitious “war on terrorism” being waged now. Before the Zionists set their eyes on Palestine, the Jews, and Arabs, Christians and Muslims alike, were living in Palestine peacefully, side by side, culturally intermingling, and it used to be difficult to tell them apart except by their respective religious clothing if they were religious, and not at all otherwise. Now they are at daggers drawn. How the Zionist thugs will be brought to justice on earth remains to be seen. They are for the moment very powerful, and this power may ultimately also spell their death knell, and that of their people, as it did for Firoun (Pharaoh) and his people. The silent prayers of innocent victims, be they Palestinian, Jews, or any peoples, are never ignored! There is a day of reckoning, for everyone!

    End Excerpt

    Zahir Ebrahim
    Project Humanbeingsfirst.org

  3. 3 lwtc247 October 28, 2011 at 9:58 pm

    Salam Zahir.

    Once more, thanks for your ever interesting input.

    “The Holocaust literarture in rational and moral hands is great regardless of myth of reality because it leads to universal principles for any moral reader” – Expression of those principles is indeed worthy, but one cannot look at it in isolation, for aren’t many of these holocaust scripts highly spun (as I presume you will have noticed in Night) and get used to justify the appalling atrocities which Israyhell – along with tacit to wholesale approval of the majority of Jews – is meting out to various peoples across the world, and primarily, as Justification for the theft and ethnic cleansing of Palestine to become Israyhell. I cede to your point for Holocaust literature which is within its own cover, unattached to any “therefore, politically…” manipulation, otherwise it degrades the body of work.

    Marxism/Communism also espouses certain lofty ideals and it largely duped many people into initially lending it support and as for the mentally vulnerable Marxists, how they fail to understand their beloved atheistic political philosophy is just a bridge to fully fledged Communism (as born out by reality and not just pleasant sounding artists impressions in a leather bound tome) reveals a gaping naievity. I suspect Markists secretly don’t want something identifiable as ‘Markism’ to emerge because it’s implication will prove it to be yet another secular humanist folly standing on top of yet another pile of millions of slaughtered bodies.

    No doubt arguments for usury showed the same pattern: Usury can help people. But I diverge too much.

    I hate Wiesels reference to events of religious significance when he, worthy of a Talmudic Rabbi, casts accuses God for ‘letting’ the holocaust happen. Wiesel weasels his way into religious discourse when it suits him, like pretendy agnostics or fully exposed atheists, which, when (unless I am very mistaken) one considers Wiesels statements of his own atheism, shows this nasty little man for what he is.

    “‘I read an abridged version of “Night” written by one Elie Wiesel.’, I have actually read Night from cover to cover and many times over.” – Does that render what I found in that book invalid?

    I must admit, I’m not a fan of the allegory of the cave. I find it far too simplistic/presumptuous, making no allowance for the imagination of man and his ability to see to detect anomalies or hypothesise upon things of which he has no direct knowledge (I offer the libraries of philosophy, areas of psychology even “religion” as proof). Man has faults but the in-need-of-much-improvement cave flawed cave suckers people into only considering mans dumbness. But OK, what it attempts to do is it’s main selling point.

    “I do not think of Elie Wiesel as a liar” – You believe all that he claims? – including the clairvoyant on the train? Well, that’s a minor question when you consider this: He is most definitely a liar, demonstrably so, when he “never again”‘s the holocaust yet calls for a holocaust upon the Iraqi people and the ongoing shaoh of the Palestinians, as indeed you show your chapter 3 extract of “Prisoners of the Cave”. His claims of his identity as you will have seen are (I feel) also credible {I see no ulterior motive] and so are worthy of investigation.

    I make no pretence that I am not “out-classed by a more resourceful and devious foe” whatsoever.

    I disagree that it forces attention onto the visible only. I and a growing number of others, are very aware of the concealed forces at work, but you allude that Night is therefore a deliberate distraction. Aren’t then you actually saying it’s akin to a fraud and then a lie?

    Besides, most people don’t even oppose the visible! How on earth can one expect them to go from nothing straight to fighting the invisible? The visible provides the path towards the fight the invisible. It is Theseus’ string. I understand your point and agree with it somewhat, there’s a seductive quality about fighting the constant visible while the old man hides behind the curtain shouting into the microphone.

    To a degree, I also agree that Finkelstein has elements of this – for he agrees with the existence of Israyhell. Even Gilad Atzmon for Gilad, worthy of his bravery is exposing Zionism, does not go the whole hog and fails to address the prophetic eschatological nature of what’s happening in Palestine. BUT, I cannot expect every commentator to see things exactly the way I see things. Although there isn’t much alternative, if I keep measuring people by my own perspectives, then I will will have to wave goodbye to every single person I know. I WILL be blind to certain of my own flaws (esp. in the absence of debate/scrutiny by a third party) so some of those ‘goodbye’s will be wrong. What I conclude from this is that you take the good and reject the bad. You take the universal principles that holocaust literature contains, what Finkelstein exposes and Atzmon and Pappe, even Benny Morris for truth should always be accepted. There is no other option but to oppose the ‘gunk’ left behind, whether that ‘gunk’ is deliberate or not.

    I must go now… may continue later on your extract. If the book available for purchase? Id so, where?

  4. 4 Project Humanbeingsfirst.org October 29, 2011 at 1:12 am

    Walekum Salaam my anonymous old friend,

    Notice that I said “literature” — as opposed to history, which is of course often indistinguishable…

    Don’t treat either narrative as factual record of reality-space. Nor their penologists necessarily liars.

    Otherwise, you will be forced to condemn most of your own recored history, and most of your own sacred books, accordingly.

    There is a lot more fiction in what passes for “Islamic history”, and “Islam” in Muslim narratives which are equally taken as gospel truth by the Muslims. Elie Wiesel is describing something which is legally protected from scrutiny, from discussion. Muslim narrators have written stuff which has been similarly protected by the fiat of kings who haved ruled the Muslims in the name of Islam, and today these narratives have become similar “truth” for not just the masses, but our own learned class and clergy.

    Staying on topic here, learning about their “truth”, which to me is more often a Hegelian Dialectic, a Limited Hangout at best than anything else, is to understand their psychology, their collective ethos, and the forces that drive them:


    Those forces transcend individual narratives. The real power of Zionism is masked by these narratives. You get involved in the narrative and you lose sight of the forces which drive them. These peoples are the masters of discourse. The masters of narratives. They have one to suit every mental level, every proclivity, every inclination. They market their narratives to both the Jews and Gentiles alike by intellectual demographics no differently than Edward Bernays sold “life-style” marketing to the corporations when he invented Madison Avenue.

    I remain quite impressed by their marketing prowess – and that’s the only truth I see in their “truth-telling”.

    You might be interested in this:


    It is always a pleasure to visit your website.


    Zahir Ebrahim
    Project Humanbeingsfirst.org

  5. 5 lwtc247 October 29, 2011 at 6:11 am

    I was only accusing Wiesel of lying. I believe (for naturally what I hold are justifiable reasons) that its consequential of the expediency beast. So, there’s probably many other Wiesle-like liars out there churning out their own Thomas Keneally like narratives plush with words like based upon or ‘adaptation’. Didn’t people write about Jewish skin lampshades and soap too – something my dear Mother seemed to believe (she was a prolific reader – especially about the Hebrews and the Jews). As for the “numbers game” – perhaps the most ‘sensitive’ issue (is that because it’s the least substantiated?) – I won’t open that can or worms, suffice to say its a tragedy when ANY person was killed in a labour-until-death camp.

    But if I have written lies or others in sacred texts then that should be outed too.

    It does indeed seem likely that there will be fabrications/exaggerations in the history of Islam. I’m even suggested that in the afore mention of “libraries of philosophy, areas of psychology even “religion””. We really must strive for the truth or we get tangled in the great flaws of man. If that means myths incorporated into Islam need exposure then so be. But that is not the purpose of this post.

    “These peoples are the masters of discourse. The masters of narratives. They have one to suit every mental level, every proclivity, every inclination. They market their narratives to both the Jews and Gentiles alike by intellectual demographics” – I pretty much agree. But, is every discourse a ruse? Surely not. No man or collection of men are without error and neither can they be in absolute control of everything. Surely there has to be some ‘alternative’ voices out there which do not lead people down obscure trails. Who they may be – I admit I could not prove.

    As for the “invisible”, I have seen different people evaluate the “invisible forces” in many different ways. Some just stop at the politicians, some at imperialism, some at monarchs, some at ‘global communism/centralised control, some at the bankers, some at the allegedly(I’ve never checked their genealogy) Jewish families involved in the global banking, some at various combinations of those, some go onto the eschatological aspect of all this [which, the anti-Christ factor is where I believe the terminus lies] some believe aliens are are amongst us – aside: Recently, there was a lot of chatter about a comet planet/X which strangely seems to have gone rather silent of late.

    There are probably others, and as you inform, many will be be smoke and mirrors, manufactured consent & dissent. But once a person has settled on a ‘unified theory of geopolitics’ isn’t the only way one can convince them that ones own formulation of the “invisible hand” is by giving them something tangible? The lies of the holocaust and its authors provide that seed of thought that there may be something at work which the individual had not conceived.

    P.S. I have read a number of your articles. There cover so much material and are quite deep / well argued that it takes a long time to post a worthy response. My life is often 5 mins here on this, 5 mins here on that. Please fell free to directly link to any article.

  6. 6 lwtc247 November 1, 2011 at 1:14 pm

    The website, http://www.iraq-war.ru/index.html {which in my eyes is so lenient on a few who are wrongfully and strongly anti-ALL Jew) has this page: http://iraqwar.mirror-world.ru/article/259063

    It hosts a comment by long time poster “Econ”, who mentions Carolyn Yeager as debunking ‘Night’ http://www.carolynyeager.com/ and http://www.eliewieseltattoo.com/

    Interested parties may like to check them out.

  7. 7 lwtc247 November 1, 2011 at 1:47 pm

    At this point, following on from my last comment here, I want to say this:

    Even if Wiesel is a liar [he’s definitely a rabid Zionist – there intersection is prominent] it’s quite possible he and his family suffered immensely during the war and it’s build up. And even if they didn’t, I have no doubt that tens or hundreds of thousands of others did.

    Calls for “never again” said against what happened in these camps is fully justified and have my support.

    But what makes me sick is when, like Wiesel, they only mean ‘never again’ on their own Zionist cabal (actually they probably actually mean ‘never’ – as I’ve never come across evidence that Zionists suffered like ordinary Jews?) but the gloves are off for every one else. indeed Wiesels encouragement to bring mass death to the Iraqi people is a gross treachery to all those who died in the camps of the third Reich.

  8. 8 OpenHouse Anne Frank’s apartment open for viewing–1 day only! | TopicPls November 25, 2011 at 4:06 am

    The poster/robot of this spam-like trackbacked “comment” wrote:

    […] He lie weasel « Living with the Conspiracy 24-7 Share on TumblrShare this:DiggEmail […]

    and linked to: http://topicpls.com/openhouse-anne-franks-apartment-open-for-viewing-1-day-only/

    Go there if you wish. I’ll leave this from http://www.codoh.com/

    Was Anne Frank’s Diary Written After the War?

    Dear AnswerMan,

    Is it true that the Diary of Anne Frank was written after WWII?


    AnswerMan! AnswerMan Replies:

    THAT’S A DIFFICULT CALL. What is known is that some portion of the diary was written in ballpoint pen, an item not invented until after the war. How much this impeaches the document we cannot say, but note in passing that the diary in any case has nothing to do with the detailed historiography of the time except in the broadest sense, being just a young girl’s diary recording the sorts of things that young girls concern themselves with, albeit in wartime and as a fugitive. She was taken to the labor camps at Auschwitz, which, as German fortunes worsened in the East, became an overcrowded ingathering point for inmates from other camps. Along with thousands of others, many already in the grip of typhus and cholera, she was evacuated to the Belsen camp in Germany during the final months of the war, where she died of typhus, as did tens of thousands of her fellow inmates.

    Her sad fate was shared by hundreds of thousands of others across Europe who had committed no crime nor offered any offense to deserve the lot visited on them. This was a human tragedy of immense proportion that inarguably occurred, and we see no point in concerning ourselves with the literal accuracy of her accounts or whether they were embellished by others. However, there are those who seek to use the writings for patently self-serving purposes, but their actions are quite another matter. And another subject, for that matter.

    There’s nothing wrong with taking the diary at face value, as it describes a reality. And doesn’t mention gas chambers.

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