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Zioganda – Denuke Iran???

It means Zionist propaganda. That is, propaganda in its nasty form.

Side note: Was Uganda one of the states ‘offered’ to meet Herzl’s supposed desire for a homeland for the Jews? It never became a reality (lucky Ugandans, poor Palestinians). It’s not surprising African states never quite made it; Zionists look at non-Hebrews/gentiles/goym as animals (but they strangely don’t apply this to Ashkenazi Khazaric Jews who are non-generically Hebrews – such is the morphing ability of Zionism)  but they look upon blacks as cursed animals as Michael A. Hoffman II mentions in the 10m12s excellent introduction to a great, equally excellent speech made by Professor Dr. Tony Martin.

 The Judaic Role in the Black Slave Trade 1h 8m 24s


Anyway, (it’s so easy to get side tracked on the “Zionist Question”) I wanted to bring this Zioganda to your attention. Lets have a competition. Count the lies. Winner gets awareds the “Eagle eye Zio lie award”

 DeNuke Iran 2m 08s


Of course, lets not denuke Israyhell a fake state that treats others as animals and cursed animals. One of the top three most fanatical, crazed, parasitical, manipulative, murderous, thieving and war precipitating entity on the planet.

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This blog supports victims of western aggression

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