Irans Larijani has eyes AND he can see

I don’t know loads of Iranian people, but I know a few. None of them could be regarded as being stupid. Even the one I didn’t like (for circumstantial reasons I didn’t prevent myself from being intimidated by him) while not being smart per se, was reasonably intelligent and very hard working. Apart from that one particular guy, I have nothing but fondness for those who I have met and even bestowed an honour upon one whose path of life crossed mine for a short time.

In a way, Iranians have something precious I don’t think we as Brits have, and that is, a general sense of community, tolerance and simple humanism. The contrast between what I’ve seen of Iranian culture and what I’ve seen in the UK is stark and IMO by that measure, it’s the UK that’s holding the short straw.

One smart cookie who I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting is former chief nuclear negotiator Ali Larijani, now speaker of parliament.


He’s reading this whole Obamania messiah thing correctly {Ed: this is top: “Obama’s Obamania could very quickly turn to Baracknophobia…” as a line in John S. Hatch’s article “What Would Lex Luthor Do?”}

I guess by now the usual bipolar idiots will think that I’m pro-Iran therefore anti-US because that’s the silly flip-flop by which their cognition operates. Regular readers will hopefully realise that I don’t fall for that crap and that around the corner are some not so complimentary comments, such as the chilling death of Iranian-Canadian journalist Zahra Kazemi, a purge of ‘anti-hegemonistic’ academics  in places like Tehran University (despite some of those people being very anti-Zionist in their outlook) and its national right but sheer folly in embracing nuclear power. But those criticisms are of the state, not the warm people I know, and there is a different detachment between the people of Iran and its government compared to that of the US and UK

But event he state of Iran has virtues. It overseas a peaceful foreign policy. True It is quite active against oppression and oppressors, e.g. Israyhell brutalizing against the Palestinians and the devilish Shah against his own people etc, however the state itself is peaceful. it is peaceful.

So credit where credit is due. Iran has a far more virtuous foreign policy than most western states and with astute people flower bearers Mahmood Ahamdinejad. and wise owls like Ali Larijani playing an active part in steering Iran through the minefield of western hegemony, Iran is rightly climbing up the ranks of respectable and significant countries in the ME.


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