15th May, a day of remembrance of Nakbah.

The tragedy of an-Nakbah or catastrophe officially unfolded on the 15th May of 1948 with the birth of the illegitimate state of Israel. It was the culmination of the systematic usurpation of Palestinian land by Jewish settlers since the 1920’s and ended with the mass exodus of more than 800,000 Palestinians vacating their homes and land to save dear life. Sixty one years have past to date, and these displaced Palestinians or their children and children’s children are still living in refugee camps across the middle east, longing to return to their homes in historic Palestine.


It all started with the notorious Balfour Declaration passed in the British House of Commons in 1917, giving the rights to the people of Jewish descent to migrate and populate the British mandated territory of Palestine. It marked the success of the International Zionist movement started and led by Teodor Hertzl in 1897, which after much consultation settled for Palestine for the Jewish National Home. They came and settled in Palestine, buying over land or taking over from absentee landlords. Thanks to the great Mufti of Palestine, al-Haj Amin Husaini, a religious edict was passed by the council of muslim scholars which forbade Palestinians from selling their lands to Jewish settlers. Things came to a head after the Second World War, when displaced jews of Europe as a consequent of Hitlers pogrom, or the Holocaust, flocked to Palestine in their hundreds of thousands. They formed armed groups like Haganah and Irgun, terrorizing Palestinians by conducting raids and massacres in their villages. To resolve the situation in Palestine, the United Nation formed the UNSCOP (United Nation Special Committee on Palestine) to preside over the issue, and they came up with the Partition Plan, whereby historic Palestine was divided into Arab and Jewish territory. Fifty five percent of Palestinian territory was carved up for the Jewish immigrants from Europe. The Partition Plan was tabled in the United Nations General Assembly in 1947 and was passed as the Resolution 181 with majority votes. As Arab and Islamic countries have yet to become members of the United Nation, as they were still under the colonial yoke, the outcome of the vote was a forgone conclusion. What’s worst was the Palestinian people, the rightful owner of the land was ignored as if they were non existent.


Nineteen years later, the zionist State of Israel annexed the remaining 23% of the Palestinian territories of the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and the East Jarusalem (Baitul Maqdis), what’s left of the Arab territories from the first Arab-Israeli War of 1948. Right to this day, every single inch of these remaining territory has been under occupation. Despite of repeated calls by the United Nations to withdraw to the Green Line of 1967, as stipulated by the UN Resolution 242 and 338 Israel remain defiant. The longstanding occupation now has lead to other more demeaning and sinister moves by the Zionist regime to carve up more land by buiding jewish-only settlements on Palestinian lands, constructing the notorious wall that snakes through the West Bank from north to south, disrupting daily movements of the Palestinian people and blocking access to schools, farms and water sources. Against every sense of justice and international laws and convention, Israel has been laying siege on the densely populated Gaza strip since 2006, turning it into the biggest terrestrial prison on earth. The population of Gaza was collectively punished for putting up a resistance against the occupation, an act that is sanctioned even by the United Nations and the Geneva Conventions. The siege was than followed by a massive military strike against a deprived population that lasted for 22 days with the aim of breaking the spirit of the Palestinian people. But the Palestinian people survived the terrible ordeal and came out stronger.


These episodes only prove one thing i.e. no power can put down a national aspiration for freedom. The Palestinian people will continue to remain steadfast in their struggle to liberate their land and restore their dignity in the face of the most oppressive regime the world has ever known. They have put up sixty one years of honourable fight to regain their freedom and they are showing no signs of letting up.


PACE (Palestine Centre of Excellence, Malaysia) proudly stood by the Palestinian cause. The Palestinian people deserve a standing ovation for such an increadible feat.


Assoc Prof Dr Hafidzi Mohd Noor



3 Responses to “15th May, a day of remembrance of Nakbah.”

  1. 1 lwtc247 May 14, 2009 at 4:21 pm

    International Zionist movement started and led by Teodor Hertzl in 1897

    Note. I don’t agree with that statement.

  2. 2 AkMaR May 15, 2009 at 7:44 am

    Frankly speaking, this article is very easy to understand, one article that i actually understand every single point. Most other articles regarding the zionist-palestine conflict had always been very “complicated” and “full of unknown terms” hence i tend to skip the parts i do not understand. so, thanks a lot for this post.

    and also, regarding the shared blog idea.
    it is a great idea but it brings the word “commitment” behind it and i’m afraid of it.
    i’m afraid i cant cope with it, for now at least.
    i have a feeling that other than the word “commitment”, “misunderstandings” might also tag along.
    but i’ll keep it in mind of course.
    and thanks for the confidence in me!

  3. 3 lwtc247 May 15, 2009 at 8:50 am

    The article is quite good, as is the stuff you write.

    The PACE article has a history that is massively simplified. I’ve been doing more research after reading a recent Dr. Chandra Muzzafar article and from what Dr. Tamimi said last week. The politics of the PACE article is too simplified – Zionism’s claws into other bully-boy countries is not touched upon, but it is a good article nevertheless. (y I posted it :D)

    Re: Research group / shared blog.
    wasn’t thinking of anything formal. Crikey no. I even have great difficulty trying to hook up with one prominent group who do wonders in support of the Palestinians. What I meant was we agree (via internet is best) to do specific thing and that at the end we piece it all together. E.g. One person looks at Christian Zionism, another looks at the Zionist funding and Zionist corporations (e.g Marks and Spenser’s), another looks at boycott issues, another at what charities there are, what they do and effective they are, otherwise as individuals, there is a LOT of redundant time wasting (re-inventing the wheel) taking place. People working for a common cause are far more effective than individuals – which is how I feel applies to me personally right now.

    A small working group might yield rewards. Or even better make extra effort to join the Mother Ship’ group [I have in mind COMPLETE] but with bigger groups comes (usually by necessity) more formality.

    Well chew it over. Perhaps you could as ppl from your own social circle if they are interested in such a venture? Nothing of this nature is bonding, but sometimes little groups can spur one to greater things.

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