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Someone please explain the punishment meted out the MET for me, ‘cos I’m to thick to understand it.

Aparently the fine is £175,000 and they have also been ordered to pay £385,000 costs. So the taxpayers money if going from the establishments Metropolitican police account into the establishments “fines” account what ever the hell that is, and so next time the met’s budget comes up for review, they apply for an £560,000 being somehow short of cash like, so the Govt either thinks of a new way to swindle £560,000 out of the taxpayer or simply pumps up the existing taxes to make up the shortfall.

Afterwards, The law seems to had a bumper year in terms of fines, but the government want to advance its Kratos death-squad murders. Funnily enough £560,000 is just the kind of cost charged by an Israeli death squad looking to train unfamiliar British killers with the latest fashion in suicide vests.

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