The Mother of all Conspiracies – The research of Ahmad Mokhzani


My dear friend Ahmad has managed to circumvent the IT problem that was halting this very important interview. Thank you all for your patience. Remember, please hold back any questions you may have, until the interview is concluded.

Multidisciplinary scholar – Ahmad Mokhzani

This article is dedicated to the work of a researcher I met in Salford, June 2006. I have had many comminucations with him and I feel his work is highly worth publishing and discussing. Hopefully here, I can post a set of Q’s and A’s here as a kind of rolling interview.

What follows are links to his web-based work and other sites he reccommends. After that, will be the start of the interview. If you have questions, please wait until the interview has ended. Thank you.

– Introducing Islamic Jurisprudence In Contrast To Other Versions Of Jurisprudence
– Genesis And Development Of Zionism In Relations To The Antichrist. Israel Is Fulfillment Of The Advent Of Christ Of The Fundamentalist Christians, The Twelth Imam And Moshiach Of The Jews. Appearance Of The Antichrist As The Twelth Imam Of Iran, Christ Of The Holy See And Moshiach Of Greater Israel.
– The Community Powerhouse Of The UNU Group Serving The Globe. The UNU Group Is Envisioned To Be The Future Global Business-Revival Leader In Serving The World Nations. We Strive To Reveal The Hidden Truth Behind Various Global Events As Well As To Educate Humanity Towards Knowing Their Creator. We Are Science And Philanthropy Wing Of The UNU Group
– Introducing Islamic History In Contrast To Other Versions Of History
– Reccomendation. Emphasis on Palestine and its Occupiers.
– Reccomendation. “See through the murky waters”
Zionism and Shi’ahism


First off Ahmad, to get the ball rolling I’d like to ask this of you:

1) For the benefit of those who have no knowledge of your research, summarize for us if you will in a paragraph the essence of what you have been studying.

 (old, now defunct) NOTICE:

Hopefully this post will develop and produce a rolling interview – It’s just that Ahmad has some annoying IT problems lately. Having been through some panic problems with data loss myself a few months back I have full sympathy. The link will remain and produce something soon. Thanks for your patience.–

13 Responses to “The Mother of all Conspiracies – The research of Ahmad Mokhzani”

  1. 1 Ahmad Mokhzani Abdullah December 24, 2007 at 2:48 pm

    Mike and other respected visitors,

    Sorry for late reply, my pc is still having problems and I am at present waiting for the new HP set, hopefully will be available from 9/1/2008 onwards.

    We will proceed with the subsequent parts of this intellectual interview from the above date onwards, God-willing.

    Having considered myself an entrepreneur and an investor profession-wise, I take an active interest (in fact been taking it very seriously) to analyse and predict current and future world events especially those relating to the Middle East and our Abrahamic faiths i.e. Judaic, Christian and Islamic faiths, mainly as academic interest and also because they relate in great degree to International Business and Commerce.

    Most importantly, my research arose from deep desire to make this Globe a better place regardless of superficial boundaries that separate us all; religions, races, nationalities, etc.

    This desire for betterment of humanity in this temporal world and the next world in turn came out of my desire to serve Our Creator; Creator of Jesus, Moses, Muhammad, theists as well as atheists who deny the very existence of Him.

    I will share with Mike and other respected visitors:

    Monotheistic origins of Judaism, Christianity and other divine religions before being corrupted by the same hands who attempted to crucify Jesus, created Shiism (arguably to replace Islam of the Prophet Muhammad and further confuse minds of Muslims as well as non-Muslims as to which is the ‘original’ moderate unadulterated Islam brought by Muhammad himself), launched the Crusades against the Sunni Islamic world and during our contemporary time established both ‘Jewish’ State of Israel and ‘Islamic’ Republic of Iran. Israel is in reality a Zionist state that has little (if nothing) relationship with the beautiful teachings of Judaism; whilst Iran is essentially a Shiite state, not an Islamic one. Shiism will be defined clearly in our future discussions to differentiate it from Islam.

    Repeatedly clarify and present Islam as originally brought by God Himself to Muhammad, a way of life that is universal and moderate and full of love and mercy towards the whole humanity. Islam that is essentially a divine continuation of the previous messages brought by Moses, Jesus as well as numerous unknown Messengers unmentioned by the Quran and the Bible, like Zoroaster, Buddha, etc.

    Co-ordinate diverse revealed and acquired sciences so as to facilitate visitors in utilising Theology and Mathematics for instance to reach the highest Truth, not merely in the pursuit of materialistic gains, as indoctrinated by our global ‘education’ system.

    We will touch other issues of importance that will really open our eyes to the ‘realities’ behind world historical events so at the end we will discover history has really been written by the winners and not really neutral as taught by elementary schools.

    Also, crticisms of present economical, educational and medical systems and offering alternatives to them that go in harmony with nature itself.

    More to be discussed God-willing, with permission of Mike as a good friend and brother of mine and webmaster of this blog.

    Thanks to all, until early next year!

  2. 2 lwtc247 December 26, 2007 at 8:30 am

    [Post 2]

    Thank you for your opening.

    I feel I should address this first: From my conversations with you, I know Iran plays a central role in your research and yes, we will delve deeper into it later, but criticism of Iran at this time is very, very sensitive, and it is imperative that noting should be done which may lend support for a US/Israeli attack in Iran, simply because innocent lives will be destroyed

    Do you feel your research could be used by Zionists or neo-cons in any negative way – is there a balancing act you do, in other words, how do you weigh-up bringing your research a wider audience bearing in mind those sensitivities I just mentioned, and do you have anything to say to Iran friendly, Shiite or Iranian people that may be reading?

    I will number by posts for easier reference later.

  3. 3 Ahmad Mokhzani December 29, 2007 at 4:29 am


    First of all, pc may come a bit late, will sms you when I am really available.

    Normal Iranians or Shiites are not to blame as most are just pawns, but those at the highest Iranian governmental level are a bit dangerous and have their own hidden agenda at play.

    Both Iran as well Zionism and Neo-Cons will play a big part in helping bring World War 3 into existence leading to massacre of innocent Iranians, Jews and Christians.

    Will keep in touch again.

    May God look after you always.

  4. 4 lwtc247 December 31, 2007 at 10:51 pm

    [Post 3]

    “Israel is in reality a Zionist state that has little (if nothing) relationship with the beautiful teachings of Judaism;”

    That is quite well established, records of the anti-semetism of Hertzl, the 60 year+ godless butchery, theft, terrorism and oppression of the imposter state of Israel after its formalization, and before that, are readily available.

    But what is relatively unknown is the history of Iran in the post-Muhammas(saw) period as well as Shiism in general. You mention the establishment of “both ‘Jewish’ State of Israel and ‘Islamic’ Republic of Iran.” in a connective sense. You also say “those at the highest Iranian governmental level are a bit dangerous and have their own hidden agenda at play.”

    This means a long conceted effort, at least approx 1400 years old, has been underway in Iran working towards some agenda. Are we talking about some kind of secret society?

    Please expand on that and state for the readers, the thesis of your research.

  5. 5 Ahmad Mokhzani January 15, 2008 at 2:45 pm

    Mike and other visitors,

    I am available as from today and will hopefully answer any questions from today onwards.

    Regarding Mike’s deep statement:
    ‘This means a long conceted effort, at least approx 1400 years old, has been underway in Iran working towards some agenda. Are we talking about some kind of secret society?’

    YES, there has been long concerted effort since the time of the Prophet by Babylonian Talmudists (forefathers of Zionism, Catholicism and Freemasonry) to replace Islam of the Prophet Muhammad with a religion similar to Islam i.e. Shiism.

    If the West has Freemasonry or Illuminati, the Islamic world’s internal destruction can be owed to Sabaism; a secret society founded by Rabbi Abdullah Ibn Saba’ who outwardly confessed his Islamic faith but inwardly did his best to destroy unity of Islam merely several years after death of the Prophet Muhammad. He deified Caliph Ali the same way Paul deified Christ. He invented Shiism the same way Paul invented Christianity.

    Sabaism is Islamic counterpart of Freemasonry, which has then branched out into Kharijism and Shiism. Shiism itself branched out into diverse sects of which Iran itself professes the main branch, The Twelver Shiism.

    Rabbi Ibn Saba’ succeeded in exploiting early Arab bedouins who lacked Islamic knowledge but vigorous and extreme in practising Islam, they were later known as Kharijites after the Tahkim Treaty in which they disagreed with Caliph Ali. They killed Ali but after his death they resorted to lying and dissimulation in order to hide their faith that Ali is divine as well as many other corrupted beliefs.

    The Kharijites who emerged from Sabaism posed themselves as Shiites of Ali and had been doing so until now.

    Iran is a Shiite State and thus to understand present Iranian secret role with Israel in together conquering the Middle East from behind the scene, we must first understand Judaic origins of Shiism.

    Shiism as professed mainly by Iran stemmed from Rabbi Ibn Saba’ and NOT from the Prophet Muhammad. Muhammad, Ali and other 11 Imams of the Shiites are true pious Muslims who had been used to justify existence of the corrupt Shiite creed. The only Imam who has relationship with Shiism is the Hidden Twelth Imam who is said to be in hiding and will emerge to expand the light of Shiism.

    This Twelth Imam of Shiites (not Muslims) in the view of this author is the prophesied Antichrist as mentioned by the Prophet Muhammad and the Bible.

    Thus Shiism is ‘Islamic’ preparation for the Antichrist in the same way Zionism and Catholicism are. Both Zionism and Catholicism have nothing to do with original teachings of Moses and Christ.

    To be continued…

  6. 6 lwtc247 January 31, 2008 at 11:27 am

    [Post 4]
    Forgive the lack of follow up here, but I’ve been under the weather until a couple of days ago.

    I will (gradually) make a glossary of terms for those not familiar with ME ethnic groupings and philosophies, to aid those interested in learning about this.

    The conspiracy you mention…
    Where did you come across it and what sources did you use in finding out?

    Is there any relationship between these conspirators who are subjugating Islam (which I presume are the same ones who have skewed Christianity and Judaism) and the “International bankers, such as the Rockerfellers, Rothschilds” and what of this “illuminati” cult/sect that seems to have reached public awareness. And the public psyche secret society – the Masons. What if any is their connection.

  7. 7 Ahmad Mokhzani February 1, 2008 at 12:46 am


    No need for apology, I know you’re busy with work, family, etc.

    I will follow up with you next week, and answer questions above in length.

    I actually have negative opinion of Messianic Judaism, thinking it’s sisterly faith complementing Zionism. In other words it’s religious front of the Antichrist (Zionism being his political front) to lure Jews to accept Israel and ‘Jesus’ of the Antichrist’s Israel. The Jesus of Messianic Judaism is none other than the Antichrist himself who will claim to be Christ and impersonate Jesus.

    Anyway, pieces of evidence for the above thesis will be gathered and presented to LWTC247 in a few weeks.


  8. 8 lwtc247 March 6, 2008 at 9:49 am

    February 26, 2008 at 4:47 pm

    I have updated:

    Please visit also:

    Will come back to answer your previous questions, don’t worry.

    The Shiite Assassins did have strong alliance with The Knights Templars during the Crusades AGAINST Saladin, and that alliance repeats itself in the neo-Crusades in the form of Iran and America, with Iraq and Palestine under occupation.

    Ignore the rhetoric of Ahmadinejad BUT research more and pay attention to Iran’s actions behind the scene.

    Afghanistan could not have been invaded without IRAN’s generous help to America, and the now present Shiite government in Iraq is formed largely with America’s assistance.

    Ahmad Mokhzani Abdullah

  9. 9 lwtc247 March 6, 2008 at 9:49 am

    By: lwtc247
    February 26, 2008 at 11:57 pm

    It’s difficult for me to see how the Knights Templar could logistically be connected with the Shiite assassins, and It’s the first time I’ve heard anything like that. Can you give eme a source for this? – nooed to go now. Will reply more later.

  10. 10 lwtc247 March 6, 2008 at 9:50 am

    By: Anonymous
    March 6, 2008 at 8:59 am

    Hope this will open our minds about Shiites and Iran, bearing in mind not all Shiites are the same and toe the line:
    (Imam Bukhari’s Fatwa on Befriending Shias)

    Interesting history of Shiism can be refered here:

    About Iranians as real culprits of the Halabja Massacre in Kurdish Iraq, and not Saddam Hussein. The fact that Iran was responsible for using nerve agents was concealed by Zionist media which have connections with the Kurds:

    Saying all these, I am not a supporter of any tyrants including Saddam. However the truth has to prevail, especially in going against Iran’s ideological rhetoric against Israel.

    We are faced by both external and internal enemies; the latter are more perilous and requires more time for investigation in revealing their history and behind the scene crimes.

    Ahmad Mokhzani

  11. 12 lwtc247 November 11, 2009 at 3:07 pm

    Can you please give me some context/purpose of those links are?

    I have far too many things to do without having to start to read something which reports “group zyx says this”, yet on the face of it those groups don’t actually seem to say such things.

    Wahabi’s and Salafi’s (the latter is a term I still am unsure about) believe in God as a physical embodied being… And a physical throne? Really??? Dear oh dear.

    Sorry, but that avenue seems to me like yet like another exercise in trivia posing as theosophy. As a boy, schoolground said the teachers would make you do an essay on the sexlife of the inside of a ping pong ball. I’ve seen people producing near librariers worth of equivalent issues, and being of about the same use.

  12. 13 lwtc247 November 11, 2009 at 3:18 pm

    Look, I don’t mean to be offensive to you.

    You’re probably thinking that info you gave is something of importance to me. But I can see it would lead nowhere. People shouldn’t anthropomorphise God It’s that simple. Anyone who does is simple wrong. What else can I say.

    My life is at a stage where I must put effort into doing things that will produce results (and there are various measures of that) That website you refer to, and it’s contents will just suck more of my time into something I can’t do anything about. Nor do those significantly touched by Wahabb or “Salafi’s” come within my reach.

    Hope you understand.

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